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However, bare in mind that a lot of this is perception, and it doesn't mean that all these dog breeds are actually dangerous to people or unsuitable for adoption.

In the end, it all comes down to their owners and how dogs have been raised and trained.

The short list of most scary dogs that are also often labeled as aggressive breeds is oft discussed and pondered.

Ask someone on the street which breed they would associate with being the most dangerous and you will likely hear some combination of the same four or five breeds.

Due to the difficulty in training, it’s common for owners to keep them as outdoors dogs rather than housetraining these massive canines.

As these dogs grow large, however, they often do not live very long, with a median age of only seven or eight years.

The below list of most scary dogs is focused on those breeds that are prevalent in the US.

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A lack of change in your dog’s behavior is no reason to give up.

It’s not necessary to train these dogs to protect their family, however, since their prey drive kicks in whenever a stranger approaches.

Their prey drive isn’t triggered by other environmental objects, meaning that they won’t bark at other dogs or at squirrels, but are always certain to intimidate anyone who happens to come by.

Search far and wide for all manner of dog breeds, but you will never find one with the size and power of the bullmastiff.

That’s because these dogs have been specifically bred for nearly two centuries to ensure one thing: whatever they watch over remains undisturbed.

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